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The safeDNS domain name server control panel offers a number of features and benefits for DNS management including:

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Support for almost every top level domain (TLD) name


Ability to configure various sub domains and have them pointing to the same IP address or to different IP addresses


Ability to create and update unlimited A records (hosts)


Ability to create and update unlimited CNAME records (aliases)


Ability to create and update MX records (Mail eXchangers) of various priorities


Ability to create TXT (text) records

Control Panel

Easy to use web based control panel


Expert support by e-mail or phone

Quick Setup

Start making changes within 15 minutes

Cross-browser Compatability

Modifications to your DNS records can be done using any web browser, regardless of your platform or operating system

Complete Control

The user interface is secure, easy to use and provides complete control over your domain. We support all the major DNS record types