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Read the latest internet and technology news from around the world.


02 July 2019

MPs call for change in online laws

In the next 6 months new rules should be put in place to protect elections from online trolling and interfering.


01 July 2019

Hackers leaving mobile providers around the world vulnerable

For the past seven years hackers have infiltrated more than a dozen mobile carriers around Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


30 May 2019

Apple helping to tackle asthma

Apple’s recent purchase of Tueo Health company have sparked rumours about the tech giant’s moves into health tech.  Tueo Health is a singapore-based company, who created an app to help parents monitor the symptoms of asthma - it is this applications that is rumoured to be on the new Apple Watch.


29 May 2019

GDPR complaints almost double

Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) complaints received from the public have almost doubled from 21,000 t0 41,000.


28 February 2019

Tik Tok Receives Record Fine Over Children's Data

Short form video sharing app Tik Tok has been fined $5.7m (£4.3m) for knowingly hosting content published by underage users, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTA).


25 February 2019

GCHQ Warns of Chinese Tech 'Threats'

The Government Communications HQ Director, Jeremy Fleming, has emphasised the importance of understanding the potential “opportunities and threats” of the UK working with Chinese firm Huawei.


21 February 2019

Mark Zuckerberg to Meet with UK Culture Secretary

On the 28th February, the UK culture secretary will meet Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s headquarters in California.


19 February 2019

UK's Investment in AI Set to Intensify in 2019

According to this year’s Computer Weekly/Tech Target IT Priorities survey, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) initiatives continue to strengthen as crucial areas of focus for IT systems buyers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa


19 February 2019

Health Secretary Says NHS Must Use Email by Default

The secretary of state for health and social care, Matt Hancock, has criticised NHS staff who still insist upon letters as the default communication between doctors and patients.


03 January 2019

Apple Blames China for Sales Forecast Cut

Apple has rattled investors with news that its sales have been slowing, blaming economic weakness in China.


27 December 2018

UK Trade Sector Risks GDPR Fines over Poor Data Disposal

In the two months following the introduction of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 44% of businesses in the trade sector did not wipe the data from redundant IT equipment before disposal.


21 December 2018

Government Urged to Create One Million High Tech Jobs by 2030

The Trade Union Congress has called on the government to create a million new high tech and manufacturing jobs over the next 12 years.


20 December 2018

Most UK Retailers Plan to up Cybersecurity

The majority of UK retailers are planning to increase cybersecurity measures during the Christmas season.


19 December 2018

Large Disparity in NHS Cyber Skills and Training Spend

Despite government pledges to up cybersecurity spending across the NHS, there are still huge disparities in cybersecurity skills and spending on cybersecurity training, a survey has revealed.


13 November 2018

Google Pixel 3 Overheating Issues Cause Phones to Shut Down

Google Pixel 3 smartphone faces serious overheating issues, wreaking havoc for thousands of users.


09 November 2018

NHS to Use Technology to Predict Disease

Health and social care secretary Matt Hancock has proposed using technology to predict and prevent illness, with AI and genomics having ‘the potential to change everything’.


08 November 2018

How Startups Penetrate Policing

A new report looking at how startups can infiltrate the policing market has been released and highlights several challenges facing SMEs set to work with the sector.


26 October 2018

British Airways Hack Larger Than Thought

The payment card details of a further 185,000 people may have been stolen in a cyber-attack on the British Airways website.


25 October 2018

Majority of Border IT Systems Not Ready for Brexit

A report by the National Audit Office (NOA) has found that 11 of 12 ‘critical systems’ needed at the UK border are at risk of not being completed before the UK leaves the European Union.


24 October 2018

Mobile App Data Sharing is 'Out of Control'

Researchers at the University of Oxford have warned that data harvesting and sharing by mobile apps is out of control.


23 October 2018

Morrisons Declared Liable for Payroll Data Leak

Supermarket chain Morrisons has lost its appeal against a High Court ruling that found it liable for a data leak by a former employee.