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Before submitting your website:

  1. Make sure your site doesn't already exist in the directory. 
  2. You have to have your own domain name. If you don't have your own domain name such as http://www.safedns.co.uk then your site might not qualify.
  3. Make sure to fill-out form with accurate information. If you do not fill-out the form with accurate information, your listing will be denied.
  4. Only submit your site once.
  5. All sites are subject for approval.
  6. Sites with multiple pop-ups will not be listed.
  7. Sites with sexist, pornographic, racist or questionable fraudulent content will not be listed.

Submission process:

  1. Add the code below to your site before submitting your website. When you submit your site an automatic check will be done for our link code provided below:-

  2. Click on " Submit your Website"
  3. Your site will then be reviewed and added to our list when it has been approved.
  4. Reciprocal links to us are rechecked automatically every few days. Failure to keep a reciprocal link to us will result in automatic removal of your link.