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Manage your DNS anytime, anywhere. Call now on 0800 458 4545

Looking for quick, simple and secure domain hosting? SafeDNS provides full administrative privileges so you control your web domains at the click of a button.

New to DNS? This is the name for the process that translates web addresses like www.safedns.co.uk to their equivalent in computer language, the IP address. The SafeDNS system allows you to host your different web domain names and direct them to the IP address of your choice.

With an easy-to-use control panel SafeDNS delivers the freedom to manage your domains so you're in full control of what you host and where.

The SafeDNS solution was designed and built in-house. We use it ourselves so we can guarantee its usefulness for DNS management.

The DNS server control panel enables you to:

  • Host an unlimited number of branded domains
  • Carry out unlimited updates
  • Change MX, A-name and C-name records
  • Change Txt records
  • Set-up sub-domains

You choose simply whether you require branded or unbranded DNS hosting solution.

Our DNS server system is straightforward and extremely easy-to-use, making DNS management simple whether you're technically minded or not.

Call now on 0800 458 4545 for an easy to use DNS management system. SafeDNS is the answer and it's no wonder, even our competitors use it!